Family Law

FERRER LAW specializes in various cases involving Family Law. In view of the emotional sensitivity of such cases, FERRER LAW ensures high levels of confidentiality for its clients.

The firm has extensive experience and long list of clients in annulment proceedings, legal separation, judicial declaration of nullity cases and judicial declaration of presumptive death. Legal assistance is provided from the institution of the petition to settlement of properties.

FERRER LAW has assisted quite a number of satisfied clients in estate planning and settlement of estates (judicial and extrajudicial). The firm also provides legal advice in drafting last wills and testaments. FERRERLAW has always endeavoured to give the best legal advice to secure the best interest of its clients.

FERRER LAW likewise provides legal assistance in local and inter-country adoption.

FERRER LAW also provides the following legal assistance:

  • petition for child support
  • separation of properties
  • change in propery regimes
  • correction of entries in legal documents (birth certificate, marriage contract)
  • change of name in legal documents (birth certificate)
  • child custody cases
  • family law litigation
  • legal opinions on various family law concerns

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