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Initially, FERRER LAW was only engaged in civil, administrative and criminal litigation.
Then, has been engaged by its long list of political clients in their public service career – from campaign preparations, campaign proper, election and post election legal concerns.

Gradually, FERRER LAW expanded its range of legal services to its clients, including expertise in real estate, labor law, corporate law, family law (annulment, legal separation, custody, child support, adoption), wills and succession, estate planning, immigration, collection, procurement law and intellectual property.

Administrative, Criminal and Civil Litigation

Backed by more than 35 years of experience in litigation, FERRER LAW specializes in prosecuting and defending individual and corporate clients before all levels of judicial courts and administrative agencies.

The firm provides the following litigation services:

  • Collation of data relevant to a case
  • Examination of documents and formulation of the theory of the case
  • Legal research and filing of pleadings
  • Case review, preparation and attendance and pre-trial, trial and execution stages
  • Interview and trial preparation of witnesses
  • Safekeeping of documentary exhibits
  • Investigations in criminal cases
  • Availing of the modes of alternative dispute resolution
  • Legal opinions relating to various legal concerns and queries
  • Our experienced lawyers and legal experts are well trained to maintain the highest standards of excellence through experience and continuing legal education.

Election Law

FERRER LAW has one of the most extensive experience in servicing clients in election related concerns. The firm provides full legal service to politicians in all aspects of election, from the barangay, to national level. Our assistance begins all the way from the preparation for campaign, campaign proper, conduct of election, counting of ballots, canvassing, representation in pre-proclamation controversies, election protests and quo warranto proceedings. Services include election rules seminars to our client’s poll watchers and aids.

Our long list of satisfied political clients can attest to our ability to look after their legal concerns during the election process. FERRER LAW legal counsels are dedicated in ensuring that the legal rights of its clients are duly respected and upheld.

Real Estate

Backed with more than 35 years of experience in real estate concerns, FERRER LAW specializes in various real estate concerns of its clients, from simple to the most complex issues. From a simple sale of land, to documentation, permits and real estate tax assistance.

It has likewise assisted land developers on a variety of projects and enterprises, ranging from subdivisions, individual and town houses, and joint ventures for multi-use real estate projects. Likewise, FERRERLAW has legal retainer agreements with trusted and established real estate companies.

We provide the following services:

  • Cancellation of encumbrance over transfer certificate of titles (TCT)
  • Registration of land titles
  • Petitions for issuance of owner’s duplicate TCT
  • Advise and assistance in real estate purchases and dispositions, including negotiations, contract drafting and execution, and real estate tax payments
  • Assistance in annotation of adverse claim, liens and other encumbrances over land titles
  • Registration of real estate developments with the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB)
  • Segregation and consolidation of titles with the Register of Deeds and Land Registration Authority

Labor Law

FERRER LAW has a proven mastery over the application of Labor Law in the Philippines, from employment to termination disputes. The firm assists in drafting contracts of employment, formation of labor unions, negotiating collective bargaining agreements, and review of employment policies.
Consistent with the litigation skills of its lawyers, the firm competently represents individual and corporate clients on labor cases before the National Labor Relations Commission, Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. The firm has handled various cases on illegal dismissal and failure of the employer to comply with minimum terms and conditions of employment under the Labor Code. FERRER LAW has likewise expertly represented a number of individual and corporate employers in various labor fora.

Corporate Law

FERRER LAW specializes in application of corporate law to the needs of its wide range of clients. Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and skills in insurance, transportation, negotiable instruments and corporation laws. It offers the following corporate services:

  • Registration of corporations with the Securities and Exchange Commission and other government agencies
  • Consultancy in local corporate taxation
  • Drafting and reviewing of contracts for corporate and individual clients
  • Conducting legal due diligence and audit
  • Handling corporate disputes among stockholders and other business entities
  • Assistance in corporate dissolution, receivership, rehabilitation and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Legal advice on mergers and acquisitions of corporations

Family Law

FERRER LAW specializes in various cases involving Family Law. In view of the emotional sensitivity of such cases, FERRER LAW ensures high levels of confidentiality for its clients.

The firm has extensive experience and long list of clients in annulment proceedings, legal separation, judicial declaration of nullity cases and judicial declaration of presumptive death. Legal assistance is provided from the institution of the petition to settlement of properties.

FERRER LAW has assisted quite a number of satisfied clients in estate planning and settlement of estates (judicial and extrajudicial). The firm also provides legal advice in drafting last wills and testaments. FERRER LAW has always endeavoured to give the best legal advice to secure the best interest of its clients.

FERRER LAW likewise provides legal assistance in local and inter-country adoption.

FERRER LAW also provides the following legal assistance:

  • petition for child support
  • separation of properties
  • change in propery regimes
  • correction of entries in legal documents (birth certificate, marriage contract)
  • change of name in legal documents (birth certificate)
  • child custody cases
  • family law litigation
  • legal opinions on various family law concerns

Impeachment Proceedings

FERRER LAW is one of the few firms in the Philippines with actual experience in handling impeachment proceedings with the Philippine Congress. The firm is committed in looking after the legal rights of its clients and assure that confidentiality is maintained in the highest levels.

Procurement Law

FERRER LAW is one of the few firms in the Philippines that has expertise in procurement related legal concerns. Our highly trained lawyers (receiving training from Asian Institute of Management and the Development Academy of the Philippines) have extensive experience relating to Philippine procurement laws and procurement under the World Bank Procurement Guidelines.

Intellectual Property Law

The firm also handles intellectual property law practice. Its lawyers and paralegal staff offer consultation, registration, maintenance and protection intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademarks and patents.  FERRER LAW has served local pharmaceutical and information technology firms in their intellectual property cases before the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), Intellectual Property Office (IPO), and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

Immigration and Citizenship Law

FERRER LAW assists prospective immigrants, students, and applicants for citizenship, reacquisition of Philippine Citizenship, in all matters affecting their application and status.  The lawyers of the firm have experience and experience on the following specialized services:

  • Consultation and assistance in the completion of the application and submission of documentary requirements for naturalization or citizenship
  • Filing of petition for naturalization before the Regional Trial Court
  • Legal assistance to ensure compliance with administrative requirements, attendance in public hearings, and filing of pleadings with the Bureau of Immigration
  • Offers aid in the procurement of Philippine Immigrant, Investor, Student, Working and Retiree’s visa.

International Law

FERRER LAW lawyers are of the rare breed of lawyers that are able to comprehend and have actual practice under international law. Our lawyers have received trainings locally and internationally relating to international law.

Our legal experts are well trained and practitioners in human rights and international humanitarian law.

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